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SH4D0WZ0MB1E played Shadow of the Colossus

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SH4D0WZ0MB1E said...
So I've had a PS3 since black friday, when I found a good deal on it. So after picking up the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus collection thought it was about time I hooked it up.

Defeated the first four colossi. Since I've played this on my friends account I knew what to do so here's the breakdown.

First Colossus: Not to big of a deal. Only "hard" part was waiting for him to stop shaking his head so I could attack. It would literally give me like one second between shakes to attack him.

Second Colossus: Again, nothing to worry about. Hardest part was lining up the arrow shot to his foot so I could climb on top of it.

Third Colossus: I don't know which was harder, the actual fight or trying to get up to where I was supposed to fight him. First time I did this on my friends account, spent at least 20 mins trying to figure out what to do. Now that I know I had to have him swing on the center place to break his armor it went by much faster. Still involved a little luck to have him hit it and then some more to do his swing attack. It kept doing the stab attack and I couldn't climb up the sword. Ran into another shaker, which made it difficult to attack him.

Fourth Colossus: Again, since I knew what I had to do it went much faster this time. After I hid underground, I just had to sneak up behind it and climb on top of it.
Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)

Genre/Style: Puzzle/Adventure Puzzle
Release Date: 18/OCT/05
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