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SH4D0WZ0MB1E's gameplay for Guild Wars 2 (PC)

SH4D0WZ0MB1E played Guild Wars 2

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SH4D0WZ0MB1E said...
  • Completed
Completed everything in Kessex Hills today.

I then worked on my personal story a little bit. Just enough to where I joined the Order of Whispers.

I also went back to Demongrub Pits and completed that jumping puzzle. Got a piece of armor I could use and the rest I just sold.
Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date:
58 minutes
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I need to make myself some new cheapy armor too! I had a run in with a pretty nasty champion spider in Metrica that managed to defeat me 2 times, and the armor repair bill was definitely not worth it! Needed more DPS, because her brood respawned both times right when I pretty much had her. After the second time i looked at the clock & decided I would be wiser to sleep than bother with another run at her.
I know what you mean with the repair bill. Mine is slowly getting up there.

As for getting mobbed, it helps my thief to have some evade skills. Just throw on a bow and I can backflip shoot until my hearts content. Or I just use my elite and call in for backup.
I think i can craft armor cheaper than repair it lol...
Haha, nice
I'll have to do the math when I hit lvl 80 in armor crafting. Planning to take my current set (lvl 60) & transmorgify it with a lvl 80 Karma set. Cheap way to get attractive level 80 armor!
That's what I've been doing with my hood on my thief. I just keep transmuting it with the higher level armor with better stats.
Anet messed up my plan! I went and visited the Karma vendor that I bought level 80 pants from before, and now he sells level 75 pants, without as good of stats! Now I have to try and find a different level 80 Karma pants vendor....
They stole your pants?!

Not stole. Just "misplaced."
Kinda like when the airport misplaces your luggage?
Nah it's more like when you buy some pants that fit you perfectly, and then decide to go back & get another pair, but they changed how they make em, so they don't fit right anymore.
That's why you go to Costco (or your preferred equivalent and buy pants in bulk.
Bag Man: Where are these going, sir?
Lionel: Oblivion, most likely.
Bag Man: Pardon me, sir?
Lionel: Oh, all right. Los Angeles, then.
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