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SH4D0WZ0MB1E's gameplay for Devil May Cry 4 (X360)

SH4D0WZ0MB1E earned achievements in Devil May Cry 4

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SH4D0WZ0MB1E said...
Cleared mission eleven. Had more trouble in the missions than in the boss fights. For example I lost count of how many times I fell in mission seven in the floating platform part. Echidna was pretty easy once I found her weak spot. The Credo fight gave me a little bit of a touch time. After a bunch of trial and error found a good way to deal with him, which made the fight go pretty quick. Mission nine gave me a bit of trouble as well, mainly trying to dodge through the lasers. I would barely touch them and get hit for a nice chunk of health. After dieing a few times, made it through that. Second battle with Agnus went smooth now that I knew how to deal with him. The fight with Dante at the end of mission nine was a pain. Not only did he block almost everything I threw at him, but he could deal quite a bit of damage. I managed to slowly drain his health, but I think I just got lucky. Sanctus was pretty easy to defeat and didn't give me much trouble.
Devil May Cry 4

Devil May Cry 4 (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 05/FEB/08
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